Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A brief painting update.

It's been a while since I did a painting update, but that maaaaay be because it's been a while since I did much painting. I have had some clever ideas for both my D&D game and an upcoming Strange Aeons scenario, so look for more stuff -- on the SA front at least -- later this week. For now, here are a few models I have been painting.

I chose this Reaper Bones nun because a) I liked the model, and b) I thought the black and white colour scheme would be an easy "win" to help restore my momentum. I think she looks not bad.

Similarly, this private eye started out with a base of brown primer spray, which made the final paint scheme pretty simple! He's a Copplestone Castings figure I picked up on sale at Games of Berkeley.

I got this and another Inquisitorial henchman for 50p each at a car boot sale; although I am usually not a big fan of modern GW models, those Inquisitors are great. Sadly I think I made a bit of a botch of the scroll. I would repaint it but I can't be arsed.

And this Reaper Bones shark-man is one of my favourite models from the line. The mould lines, as with all Bones figures, were tricky, but he's just so pleasingly huge and hefty that I really like him even though I can see some flaws in the paint scheme.

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