Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I never post about my D&D campaign

I mean, I post about campaign setting stuff, and I sometimes post about rules or products I buy. But I seldom post about how the game is going.

Good. It's going good. 

Early in the game, the PCs' strong motivation to get the hell out of an area before their misdeeds caught up with them meant that sandboxy investment seldom paid off, but it's starting to now; they've just been back to the same port for the third time, only to find that they have to deal with the consequences of their previous shenanigans. In this particular case, they need to steal an artefact from the local thieves' guild (or "the mob" as I like to think of it) in order to present the cabal of warlocks the thieves want to sell it to from discovering that it is a forgery, passed off by the PCs months before after they gave the real one to a cackling old hag. This is, by the way, not my idea at all -- they were inspired to do it as a way of getting out of trouble. 

Also, combat continues to have frantic action feeling and I continue to use car-boot-sale toys as representations in addition to lovingly-painted figures. 

Sharks, water elementals, fishmen, pirates, treasure ...
just another day on the high seas.

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