Monday, 4 May 2015

Painting binge!

Over the last few days I've been trying to get ready for some upcoming game projects as well as to chip away at the mountain of Bones miniatures I have to do. Here are some models I've painted since Friday, together with a few I finished a week or so ago.

Incidentally, Reaper mentions that Army Painter coloured primers work on their figures, but I have also discovered that so does Halfords car primer. The number of grey and brown models in this update may not be a coincidence.

Utility monsters! That guy on the right is just a test piece, which
is why his hideous mould lines are even more hideous than usual.

Utility monsters II! We have a druid now, so there's going to be a
lot more animal figures getting painted over the next months. 


Imp! I am displeased both with the paintjob -- and not just because
the wash dried glossy -- and with the photo. Hopefully the next
one will look a little better. 

They have a scurvy pirate crew now, so they need some scurvy pirates.
I have no idea where this figure is from -- got him in the sprue exchange.

Reaper Bones warlock. I actually quite like this model!


More scurvy pirates! Look how short that dude on the right's arms are. 

Modern adventurers. 
Words cannot express how much I hate the Bones integral bases -- everyone will get some extra flock and stuff to pretty their bases up; I just tend to wait until I have a bunch of models that need flocking and then do them all at once. 

However, check out Shortarms McBadlyproportioned up there; I just cut him right off his base and stuck his feet on a spare Wargames Factory base. Clearly the way forward. I'll be doing that in future when I can; the soft plastic makes it really easy.

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