Thursday, 28 May 2015

Viking Tent

A handy little piece of terrain for SAGA or other games, this viking tent comes from Warbases. It's an MDF kit, but I added a layer of cloth to pretty it up; I don't think the straight MDF surface really looks right for a cloth object. I also replaced the end pieces with cloth; same reason. Sadly, the glue stained a little.

The lovely thing about this model is the ends of the frame, which are based on parts of the tent found with the Gokstad ship burial; you can now see these at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. 

This type of ornate wood-carving is absolutely typical of the Viking era -- although of course preservation is a problem -- and something that laser-cutting is very good at. The only note of warning I'll sound is that these delicate pieces are, well, delicate; I knocked mine off a shelf and snapped off the top of the frame on one side. I had to buy another one at Salute this year to replace it. Still, it looks great and I am happy I got it. And since they're only £3.50, it's not exactly a huge hardship!

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