Friday, 22 May 2015

Quick-and-dirty NPC miniatures.

I needed some minis for NPCs for Wednesday night D&D. Well, I didn't need them. I felt like having some. So I dug through the pile of Bones looking for models that fit. The PCs were going to steal a valuable artefact from a crime syndicate, and I wanted some elite-type guards who felt like "named" characters. When you have a group of NPCs, they need some kind of identifying theme, so I settled on giving them hooded cloaks. And lo, there were four models with appropriate cloaks.

Pylea (L) and Azlea (R)

Verthik (L) and Robur (R)
That Robur's actually not a bad model, although his sword is, of course, gargantuan. 

Anyway, I have them all a basic coat of black and a series of highlights, starting with Vallejo German Grey. I decided that each would have a different-coloured cloak lining. I then gave them names that distinguished them based on the colour. 

I couldn't bring myself to give a ninja a bright accent colour, so I decided it was grey and that his name was Goemon. The summoning circle is also new; the ghost is old. I thought I'd try a green wash on the translucent figure to give it more definition, but it didn't come out very well. I have seen it work in the past, so maybe I just didn't thin the wash enough? 

In the end I didn't wind up using the minis this session, but hey, I got five models painted quickly and the guy with the robe will definitely come in handy at the very least. 

I also very much let their figures determine their personalities, which is something I do a lot but seldom see mentioned. Pylea became the leader because she was pointing, Robur was rather gruff and serious, etc. 

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