Monday, 18 May 2015

Taking stock

This post is mostly for my own benefit. I find it helpful to break my gaming down into projects. Mostly this helps me determine what miniatures I am and am not "allowed" to buy, but I'm also going to apply it to RPGs here. So here's what I have going at the moment:

  • Live games: I'm running one monthly live game and playing in another, plus the occasional special events. This actually involves not as much between-game work as I was expecting it to; my co-GM and I seem to have a pretty efficient system developed. I never feel prepared, but games usually seem to come out OK. Playing in the game I play in involves a bow tie: 
  • D&D: My D&D game runs every other week and has been going for, I believe, about a year and a half. I've been streamlining and refining my approach the whole time (while, simultaneously, the setting gets ever more baroque and complex), and I think it's going pretty well. I switched to 5th edition a few months ago and it feels easier-to-use to me, although there are certain parts of the old system I never used, so I don't miss their lack. 
  • SAGA: I have pretty much finished my Viking and/or Anglo-Danish armies (I need to do some flocking and I may find out that I need one or two more slingers). I've knocked down a unit or two of Normans, but I'm dragging my feet painting these goddamn knights, because I don't like painting horses. I need to get on that. Once I have done that, I'll do a unit of pilgrims and maybe a new warlord to make a Crusader army out of my Normans, and _then_ I'll do some Seljuqs. 
  • Strange Aeons: This project is an excuse to collect cool monster figures and cultists and stuff. I have a pretty good collection so far, and I enjoy this game. This one is just simmering away; I don't feel like I need anything else for it. 
  • Warhammer Sorta Thousand: a collection in search of a system. I need to complete my RBT01 Marines, and I've got a little conversion of a walker I need to sort out, and my Chaos Dreadnought, and ... quite a lot, but I don't feel like there's any pressure here. 
  • 1/72 historical: I haven't even started here. I'm thinking of doing a couple of test models for the paint scheme and speed-painting, but other than that I have not begun. 
  • Dungeon fantasy: I really like using miniatures in my D&D game, but it's not the focus of gameplay. I just like it, and it may be that it's an excuse. 

In fact, I think that you can see that as a trend in my miniatures projects: only SAGA really requires me to paint a lot of the same kind of thing. Modern 40K would require lots of the same damned thing, but Sorta Thousand is a mishmash. Strange Aeons is all individuals, and apart from the odd goblin and/or skeleton horde so is D&D. I like painting quickly and I don't have either a lot of time or a lot of patience, so although these Conquest Games Normans are super cool, painting all of them is a little dull. Still, they will look nice when they are finished. 

So that's what I'm up to at the moment. 

Also I just went to a car boot sale and: 

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