Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Birthday distractions: Frostgrave!

So yesterday was my birthday and I got this!

It's Frostgrave, which is like Mordheim with more wizards. So far I like it, although I haven't actually played it yet. What I have been doing is going through all my miniatures so that I can create warbands without actually buying any new models!

Thaumaturge, Apprentice, Knight, Thug, Man-at-Arms and two Archers.
Perhaps the Thug will end up being replaced by a Thief. 
It turns out that my bad habit of collecting nothing but tiny little squads of dudes for things is finally about to pay off. 

Wizard and apprentice, some fighty dudes, thief. Maybe needs some archers.
Or a leopard serving as a wardog? 
All I'm saying is that there some opportunities among my minis cases ... 

Or among the unpainted figures:

The Tin Bin. 
The Box of Bones. 
Sprue Hell. 
Work in progress. 
So yeah. It seems like it's easy to get started, although spell selection could be time-consuming. I have given literally no thought whatsoever to how spells and tactics interact. Ideally that's what playing the game is for -- although if you have some recommendations for how these things work I'd be interested to hear them.

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