Thursday, 1 October 2015

It's Orktober!

I have not yet painted any Orks for Orktober, but here are some photos from a previous, slightly-inept photo shoot of my little RT/2nd ed. Ork force.

Mekaniak to hang out with the Shokk Attak Gun.

Runts for same. 

Nobz mob!

Ramshackle Games scrap tank

The boss, his standard bearer and his personal rokker, Hello Cleveland. 

The Shokk Attak Gun belongs to my friend Alex, as do some of the runts. 
I am not going to SELWG this year because I just bought a house, so I'm going to try to spend the day painting instead.


  1. The middle nob is such a great model. Good choice with the Ramshackle tank - just the sort of brutish thing that Orks might knock together.

    1. I do like Ramshackle's stuff! And yes, that nob is one of my favourite of all Ork models.