Sunday, 11 October 2015

Painting update and more charity shop finds!

 A few things I've painted recently and some great deals I found in a local charity shop.

This is a Reaper Bones model from the second Kickstarter. It is a "Desert Thing," apparently, but I think it'll come in handy in Strange Aeons, D&D, even Warhammer. I don't think it's currently available in Bones, but I'm sure you can find it where things are resold. 

This little fountain is a neat-looking piece of scatter terrain. 2nd ed. Gretchin for scale!

This Metal Magic / Hobby Products Spacelords adventurer is now available through Moonraker Miniatures. I've used my typical dark red colour to tie him visually to some of my Inquisition models, but he'll do as any kind of crook, agent or gunslinger. Sorry for the out-of-focus image. 

I got this lovely old Citadel cleric as part of a trade at this year's Oldhammer weekend. She may have a role in D&D, but I'm also thinking maybe I will play some Frostgrave one of these days. 

Picked up this classic 80s boxed set in a local Oxfam for £4.99. It even has dice, the original maps and card miniatures, and some handouts from another scenario.

It occurs to me that with all my old White Dwarf magazines, I basically have a whole little campaign for this game now.

Same shop, same price tag, same lesson in the history of gaming!


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  2. I have that Judge Dredd game. I really need to bust it out and re-read it.

    1. I already have some of the old White Dwarfs with JD scenarios in them, so I'm sort of tempted to run a little mini-campaign. Riiiiiight after I run these 10 other games I want to run.