Friday, 4 March 2016

Another charity shop find

I picked this up for 75p in a charity shop the other day. I already have two copies of the rulebook, but I figured what the heck, you know? I tend to buy old RPG books just because I sort of feel like they should have a good home.

However, it wasn't until I got it home that I realised that this is not the same as my other rulebooks -- it is the comparatively-rarer first edition. I had never actually seen this one, but I had heard a little about it. I flipped through it:

As you can see, the covers are slightly different; the Revised Edition I played as a kid is on the right.

The first edition is typed rather than properly typeset, or at least that's what it looks like. It has less art, or so it seems. Content-wise, the original edition is shorter, and lacks most of the useful bits at the end, like a character sheet. 

The skill section in a Palladium game is ordinarily difficult; this seems like an even more appalling version of that experience.

Aaaaaand then there's the infamous insanity table, which contains some stuff that I do not think we would put in a game today. It's an interesting look at what widespread public attitudes were like just 31 years ago, I guess? Hrm.

Although I'm never likely to use the first edition rulebook in play, it's a cool curiosity, and for 75p I'm pretty satisfied.


  1. Yeah, I'd heard about this too, but never had a chance to read it......disturbing huh!

    I really liked the game concept of tmnt, building your mutant with points, trying to get him uber tough with opposable thumbs was nigh impossible :) It sort of had a Cuberpunk feel to the roleplaying setting too.

    Thanks for the review :)

    1. It is a game I really enjoyed as a kid -- we played it a lot in the 80s -- but I would probably simplify it a bit if I ran it today. Not that that's likely given my schedule, but you never know.