Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Well, I'm back.

The deadlines aren't quite done, and there are other projects to work on, so it may be some time before I'm back up to full steam here, but in the meantime here are some models I painted before the great shutdown.

There is a Frostgrave scenario that requires a genie, so I used this guy. He's not a fantastic model -- a Grim Reaper "Nasteez" figure I got in a swap for some of my old plastic Dungeonquest guys at BOYL. He's never going to win any beauty contests, but he'll do for the scenario, he's suitably  large and imposing, and he was basically free. I like the way the flames came out; the contrast between the muted blue and the bright green is nice. The contrast between the different areas of shading is less marked in real life; I need to work on my photo editing skills. 

This guy is an Evil Space Dorf, part of a group I got as a trade from Geoff of Oakbound Miniatures; the models are inspired by the designs of Chico from Oldhammer on a Budget. His muted colour scheme with vivid green spot colour and little purple accents is meant to mimic my Chaos Renegades. I'm pretty pleased with him, although the photo doesn't show the little codpiece-mask very well. Photography, get better at, etc. 

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