Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Time is of the essence

Lately I have not had enough time to really paint, and like all people who don't have enough time to paint I have been buying miniatures. Fortunately I have only been buying miniatures in charity shops, so at least I haven't been spending much. This is what 99p got me in an Oxfam:

The various Chaos and Marine models will get broken up for parts or used to fill some space in my Chaos project or something -- I'll get around to completing that army some day. The Slayer will be useful for a little side project I'm going to be working on when I get around to it. I'll strip the gun crewman and get rid of him, but I will definitely paint some of those chunky-ass Chaos Dwarfs. These are not from a great period of Citadel monopose plastics, but because it was the era in which I really started painting and playing minis games I have a great affection for them. And D&D means that it's always useful to have half a dozen of a particular monster type around somewhere. 

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