Wednesday, 11 May 2016

An apology and some cold-blooded dudes

I had some trouble with Blogger yesterday, so no post then. In recompense, here are some photos of painted frog models to inhabit Frog Island in my D&D game.

A group shot of the guys. Faithful companion Rroark is in the centre of the front row. 
The shaman in his skull helmet. This shot isn't great, but the model's ... OK. 

A proud Frog Island brave. 

A shaman from the Council of Elders. 

Another warrior.  
This guy doesn't quite fit with the others, but whatever.
He is a Reaper toad-man I bought at a games shop in Colorado, I think. 
These group shots are not great, but you get a better shot here of Rroark's bitchin' tiki shield.


  1. Nice. Frog men are so now!

    1. They are? I suppose they are, with all these Kickstarters ...