Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Frugal gaming: aquarium plants on sale.

I was in Pets at Home today and, as is my wont, I had a bit of a browse among the aquarium plants. I noticed that lots of fish tank plants and ornaments are on sale until the 30th: buy one, get one half-price. I have in the past used some aquarium ornaments as terrain for things like bridges and ruins (see this post, for instance), so I had a look. Nothing grabbed me among the ornaments, although they did have some nice jungle ruins, but I did pick up some plants for £7.50. 

These are mounted on little bases, so I might use them separately. Alternatively, I might make larger bases of some of them, or break them down into smaller pieces to decorate models (or make some modern-day planters). I could paint them a bit, but actually I like their brightness and don't want to put a lot of effort into terrain that's supposed to be quick, easy and cheap, so I might just leave them as they are.

I imagine that the blue ones are some sinister flower that grows in Frostgrave, drawing its nourishment from the latent magic of the place.

Here are some shots of them with models:

"This is a bug hunt, mannnn! A BUG HUNT!"

An intrepid explorer seeks ancient ruins in the jungle.


  1. I love plastic aquarium plants as wargames scenery. I bought a huge amount a couple of eyars ago to use in a scuba-diving-underwater-warfare game: http://snv-ttm.blogspot.be/2015/07/more-aquazone-pictures.html

    1. Very nice! I have an underwater game session coming up tonight, so I think I will also be using them for that purpose.

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