Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Age of Sigmar project: work in progress

As you may recall, Tim of The Responsible One's Wargaming Blog and I are doing one of those Tale of Gamers things, where we paint up units over a schedule, perhaps resulting in some games at the end. We've pledged to do 1,000 points by January, which means about 200 points a month. My 200 are going to be:

A sorcerer and his familiars: 140 points

The sorcerer is the Morcar giveaway figure from this year's Bring Out Your Lead event, sculpted by Geoff from Oakbound Games and supported by generous anonymous members of the community. He is going to get a Skeletor-esque paint job, but aligning with the army's overall themes of being mainly grey, black and white with bright green and purple accents. The familiars are various small critters from the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter.

10 Marauders: 60 points

Here are the first five:

As you can see, like Tim I'm keeping my models on square bases for maximum inter-system compatibility. These guys are a mix of parts from various different models, including Wargames Factory Vikings, Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors, GW Flagellants and Frostgrave cultists. The leader is a Reaper Bones barbarian. They will have shields when completed. My plan is to do a standard bearer and musician in the next batch.

So far, pretty much all these figures have either been free or surplus from other projects.

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