Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Magonium Mine Murders: What happens next?

One of the problems with sandbox scenarios is that people often feel they're a bit static. You know, you venture into the Vale of Doom or whatever, but since there isn't really a narrative as such, some players or GMs struggle to see the effect of player actions.

Now, as I understand it, the way these are supposed to work is that you just what you do with a sandbox you created yourself. You just figure out what the NPCs' motivations, knowledge and responses are, and you're off to the races. But it would be nice to have some rough ideas of what might happen next, just to get you thinking.

Maybe not this exactly.

This kind of thing is what I'm thinking about for the what-happens-now section:

What happens next

The situation in and around the mining camp should be fluid and evolving. The NPCs (some of them, anyway) are keeping a close eye on the actions of the PCs and will react to them appropriately. It’s impossible to give an exhaustive list of things they might do. However, here are a few likely courses of action.


  • Search Alba’s inner office and fail to find any evidence describing the missing reagents.
  • Break into Alba’s rented room in the old town and look for her notes there.
  • Plant the murder weapon in the slave camp and accuse one of the barbarians there.
  • Try to get the PCs to retrieve the Duplication Engine from the mine for him.
  • Try to frame the PCs for the murder if they get too close to him.


  • Use the Knockout King money to pay off Lurik.
  • If the Knockout King money is unavailable, skip town ahead of Lurik’s arrival.
  • If prevented from leaving town, recruit the PCs to protect him from Lurik.



  • Rise up and attack the camp at the moment it seems most vulnerable. She knows she will eventually be killed, so she will try to inflict maximum damage on the mine itself to stall magonium production as long as possible. This could include leading her warriors down into the mine itself.


  • Exert increasing pressure on Pulver and anyone else who will listen to find a culprit for Alba’s killing before Iron Scorpion Nine arrives. Actual guilt would be nice, but is optional.

The Mole Men

  • Continue attacking the miners until they abandon the mine -- which they can’t do.

Iron Scorpion Nine

  • Arrive in the camp three or four days after the PCs do.
  • If Bellows is dithering, replace him and take personal command.
  • Otherwise, stay around, glowering at everyone.

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