Tuesday, 2 August 2016

An apology and a photo or two

So, once again, August is RPG a Day, when all sorts of bloggers and video-creators talk about roleplaying games. And while I've had a lot of fun with it in previous years, August is looking like a very hectic month for me. Also, a lot of the questions are much more personal, in the sense that they're about my campaign or people I know, and I'm not sure that would have a lot of relevance to anyone who doesn't know those people. I may try to be periodic recaps, like I did for the weekend questions last year, but I'm not sure I@m going to be able to do the whole thing.

Anyway, speaking of things that are distracting my attention in August, I finished the unreleased Foundry pig-faced space orcs I've been working on. I had to convert a few of the models up to make them work with my chosen theme, which is why the last few took so long (even though they were very minor conversions). I'm pretty happy with how they came out overall.

All 15 pig-faced space orcs, ready for battle. 

The MG team hustling into position.

We are on a first-name basis in this man's army ... and my first name is Herr Kapitan!

The rifle squad.
The assault squad ready to batter down a door or two. 

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