Monday 22 August 2016

One of those good problems.

So a friend of mine posted on social media a few weeks ago, saying that he had some old miniatures he no longer needed and asking if I wanted them. I thought "sure, why not?" I went off to BOYL, and in the meantime my wife, who was at a different gaming event, picked up the minis for me.

So ...

so this is the models I got at BOYL plus the models from the box. The ones I'm not going to swap away, that is (I figure I can't sell gifts given in a sense of gamerly comradeship, but I can swap them to other gamers who want them for more models).

And there are some more -- things that are currently on my painting table, things still in the Dettol jar, things that need to be stuck back together ... it's over 100 models all told. There are Goodwin Skaven, the halflings Copplestone did for Grenadier, an Ansell Chaos warrior, Nick Lund ogres, Queen Helgar, Night Horrors, and much more. I've had half a dozen great ideas so far. And, of course, all the great Ramshackle and other models I got at BOYL, including some old Essex fantasy stuff I'm going to turn into a little scenario group ...

So ... I'd better get painting, but first I'm gonna need to reorganise my storage boxes.

I have resolved that, even though I'm working on this challenge with The Responsible One, what I'm gonna do is, every time I prep and prime a batch of models, I'm going to try to do at least one additional model from this collection.

In fact, the first one of these is already painted. Check it out:

This is some kind of ghoul, or possibly a Nosferatu vampire from the Ral Partha Vampire: the Masquerade miniatures line -- it's definitely an RP model, and just looking at it I suspect it was sculpted by Dennis Mize. Anyway, I did the usual speed-paint technique: primed it grey, drybrushed up with VMC Medium Sea Grey and a 50/50 mix of that with VMC Foundation White. Then I washed the ragged clothing with Army Painter Soft Tone and mixed black and yellow washes for the skin. Black boots, ground, eyes, teeth, done.


  1. That is a high class problem for sure :-) Nice ghoul too dude!

    1. Thanks! I feel like my speed-painting is really coming along.

  2. I recognise that barrow Wight down there in the middle! Great haul.

    1. Yeah, there's a bunch of stuff from the Night Horrors line in there, including the excellent headless ghost, a vampire, etc. I am psyched about painting them.