Friday, 12 August 2016

The Magonium Mine Murders: Location descriptions

So in a previous post about the development of The Magonium Mine Murders, I said that I would add some location descriptions in my next post. Here are a couple of samples.

Although it's meant to be a loosey-goosey adventure sandbox, a big part of The Magonium Mine Murders, as the name implies, is a whodunit, so most of the location descriptions are about clues. Here are a few sample locations. They're still in progress, but I don't think it'll be hard to tell which bits are incomplete.

  1. Shrine. Sacred to nature deities, tended by Orvant the Blind. Elderly male druid, principled but not sociable. He knows:
    1. That the local wildlife have gone mad as a result of magonium poisoning. He has tried to get the miners to stop, but they paid him no mind. He is very angry about this.
    2. That there are bandits in the area, but not where their camp is.
    3. That there was once a larger temple to the divinities of the river (Valley 3) but that it is now disused.

Elsewhere in the mining camp itself ...

The Mining Camp

Around 120 people work in the mining camp: 40 miners, 50 slaves, about 20 guards and 10 various camp administrators.

  1. Camp headquarters

Offices of the murdered administrator, Alba, as well as her assistant Bellows, alchemist Rogin Hyland, security chief Lumicent Pulver and head engineer Simvesh Threen. All have keys to the building. Apart from Bellows, they do most of their work around the camp and are seldom present (1 in 6 during work hours). Two guards stand at the door, a new security precaution added by Bellows.

The crime scene

  • Alba was shot with a crossbow while standing with her back to the door. The door to the rear office is partly open.
  • Lumicent recovered the bolt and has it in her office.
  • The killer did not step in the blood spreading from her body; the rear office is untouched.
  • The desk drawers appear to have been searched, but Bellows can confirm that nothing appears to be missing.
  • The locked casket containing the conscription tokens is present. Any of the staff can explain its purpose.

2. Workers’ quarters

Wooden bunkhouse, usually occupied by 2d6+1 miners napping or socialising. Many hide valuables in spaces under the floorboards. TREASURE STUFF.

  • One empty hidey-hole would fit an object the size of a large book. It is under the bunk of dead miner Natan Pentic.
  • Many bunks and footlockers contain betting slips from Schenck’s underground prizefights.

Does that all seem clear enough? Each number corresponds to a location on the map, and there may be little breakout sketchmaps of e.g. the crime scene.

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