Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Further adventures in minis photography

I reorganised my terrain shelves, so now it should be easier to make little dioramas like this one: 

The model on the steps is a Time Lord from the old Citadel Doctor Who range, while the zombies are among the models I've had longest -- I think I got them out of the "tin bin" at Gamescape in Palo Alto when I was just a youngster. I have painted them at least twice over the years, and possibly more often.

These are two more, here seen confronting an old Metal Magic Servitor of the Outer Gods, now available from em-4/Moonraker:

Inquisitor Stompheader and his Engineer investigate a mysterious device in a Peterson's World slum.

These little scenes are imperfect, but they please me and I'll try to do more of them in future.


  1. Charming little vignettes. Squat engineer is my favourite.

    1. He's a lovely model, and I got him at an absurdly low price. I shouldn't have sold off the rest of that job lot, but I was even poorer back then!