Sunday, 26 June 2016

Some long-term blog thoughts

As I have mentioned elsewhere on social media, I'm currently on holiday in Italy, and very nice it is too. A week off gives me plenty of opportunities to catch up on my reading and work on long-term writing plans. Among those long-term writing plans are a couple of game-related things. 

At present, I think I should be working on the following game projects: 

  • The B-Movie Mogul card game I'm working on with a friend, which has been in abeyance for a while since, with no deadline, it constantly gets nudged out of the way by things that have to be done by such-and-such a time and, being large, it also gets nudged out of the way by projects that can be done quickly (like painting miniatures, for instance). Ultimately, I hope this will be a print-and-play card game that might eventually turn into a fun one-box printed game. 
  • The Magonium Mine Murders, an investigative/location/dungeon scenario that I think would be a fun contribution either to the OSR or to the booming 5th ed. scene (honestly, the latter is probably better). I have discussed this before, but I need to set about working on it in an organised way. My final goal is that this will be a moderate-to-low price-point PDF that displays investigative scenario information in an easy-to-use way. 
  • Junk Monsters (or whatever I wind up calling it), my project in which I take cheap toys, make monsters out of them, and then stat them up. I suspect the final form of this will be a series of blog posts that then gets combined with some bonus material into a PWYW PDF. 
To that end, I'm going to try to make at least one of my blog posts each week into a blog about the things I'm working on for these projects. That should motivate me to actually work on them regularly instead of trying to do it all in bursts. 

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