Tuesday, 21 June 2016

One of my really weird GMing weaknesses

So here is a random thought: as a GM, I have an almost-paralysing fear that a player will, in game, comment on an aspect of the plot that seems artificial or unrealistic. I compensate for this very badly, often by producing plots which have lessened conflict, since conflict in dramatic narratives often comes at the expense of realism. I don't know why I don't seem to mind players thinking my games are boring; maybe, paradoxically, it's because that's such a serious problem that people don't joke about it at the table. 

But every time a player jokes "well, here's the guy who's gonna die to show how the monster works" or something, I feel really terrible. I have been intentionally trying to write scenarios that are balls-to-the-wall nutso to train myself out of the habit. It's working OK so far, but it's a really weird problem to have in the first place and I am aware of that. 

Have a photo of some more miniatures doin' stuff: 

"Haunted bridge? Some people will believe anything."


  1. If your feeling inadequate or uneasy about your GM'ing then maybe this will cheer you up?


    Enjoy :)

  2. I understand the feeling, my biggest fear as a GM is that players see "the strings" in the NPCs and plot. I absolutely hate playing or making players feel like in a corridor so I usually write tons of extra pointless stuff "just in case", it's quite vicious as overwriting can lead to actually create corridors.
    Knowing your players is the essence I suppose, that makes you know what to expect and how much you can feed them without them noticing they're being fed. ^^

    1. Seeing the strings is a good way to put it, and I worry about overplanning in response too. The thing is that I do know my players, and I know that they wouldn't really care. It only bothers me!