Sunday, 3 August 2014

Budget gaming: floor tiles!

Every weekend, if the weather is good, I try to make it to my local car boot sale. By now I'm sure my predilection for cheapo gaming is well-known, and I have found a lot of useful stuff there. Today's find was a set of textured vinyl floor tiles, 16 for £4. They look like this:

And I think they might do for texture on courtyards, streets, sidewalks or what have you. The design is just printed on, but still I think they look quite good. I set up a little town square to test them out: 

I think they look OK, although I'm not sure I'd use them as a base surface alone. I am probably going to cut up some of the tiles to use as paths and sidewalks, and maybe some more into sort of room shapes, then leave a few for town scenes like this. 

They have an adhesive backing, so I might mount them on MDF or something, but then they would be even thicker and heavier than they already are. Not quite sure what to do about that aspect. They are heavy enough that I wouldn't take them all with me to a game, but I do most of my wargaming at my house so that's not so bad. 

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