Tuesday, 5 August 2014

RPG a Day, Day 6: Unplayed but not unloved

You have them. Don't lie to me. Everyone's got them. A shelf (or a hard drive) full of games you've never played. For most of them, it's no big deal. These are games that were found wanting, games you've never really been that keen on playing. You bought them because your friend was going to run a game, or because you thought it was going to be different, or because you feel guilty walking out of games shops without buying anything.

Sometimes I think that the whole industry runs on these games. If we only bought games we were actually playing, could anyone make a living?

Whatever. The important thing is that
 there are a few that are different; games that you really like and yet, somehow, you've just never got around to playing or running. Shelf queens. I have some too. Here are two that are really good.


You can get Trail of Cthulhu easily, in PDF or in print.

Spaceship Zero isn't on DTRPG, although weirdly a supplement is, but you can order it direct from Green Ronin or by the usual method.

And of course there's the album, which you can get in either CD or electronic format.

Alhough I'm more of a Man ... or ASTRO-Man? ... er ... man for this game, somehow.


  1. I think it's very charitable to refer to 'the Thursday game', as if it had an actual schedule and the child-having players didn't keep flaking on you.

    So, I reckon that if The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets album is the soundtrack to the film, Man... or ASTRO-Man? would have been the soundtrack to the TV series.

  2. There are what I take to be a couple of sly Man ... or ASTRO-Man? references in the game.

    Throw it on the "I would run that" pile ...