Sunday, 10 August 2014

RPG a Day, Day 10: Who comes this way, to a place that is not allowed to everyone?

Most game fiction isn't very good. Actually, that's not fair. Most game fiction is fine in terms of what it's meant to do, but very little game fiction is very good. But the piece of gaming fiction I am going to talk about today is, at least to my mind, spectacularly good. And unlike a lot of gaming fiction, it's the fact that it's based in a gaming setting that is this book's greatest strength (I think; again, I think there are some alternative interpretations).

Once, when I was 15, I went to a con with my brother and our friend Bernie, and I was hanging around the Chaosium booth coveting things when Greg Stafford, of all people, roped us into a game of a new edition of Nomad Gods which was being playtested. Even though I was a 15-year-old know-it-all, he was very cool to us. I was not at all into Glorantha then and just bluffed based on what I had read in Lawrence Schick's book, but he was patient and cool.

I remember nothing about the game, but I don't think that edition ever came out.


I did a little jump of happiness when I heard that Moon Design was doing a new version of King of Sartar. I am going to get their Argan Argar Atlas and Guide to Glorantha just as soon as I've got an extra £120 lying around. So it might be a while then.

King of Dragon Pass is amazing. You can buy the original version on Good Old Games for $6, or get the recent iOS version for £7. I also did a little jump of happiness when I found out that there is a version coming out for Android very shortly. I'm serious that this is a great game, but you don't have to take my word for it. There are great reviews of it all over the internet.

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