Monday, 25 August 2014

Review: The Noteboard

So these things were apparently quite the hit at GenCon, and were nominated for an Ennie and stuff, but I had not heard of them until last week. When I was in London, friend of the blog Steve gave me one, so in this video I demonstrate it for your edification:

These would be pretty great for LARP events, too; you could bring a whiteboard for the GM room at a hostel-type event, and it wouldn't weigh the earth and be big and inflexible; you could just tack it to a noticeboard or tape it to the door. In fact, you could use it to make signs, same principle. And for field-LARPers I imagine it would be equally handy.

Useful for games like Fiasco, too, that have a shared world-building element; you could just stick it in the middle and everyone could write on it at once?

The company that makes these is now one of the family of companies that includes Pelgrane, Stoneskin, ProFantasy and so on, so apparently there are going to be Pelgrane-game-specific ones for games like 13th Age or whatever. That's pretty cool.

You can buy your Noteboards directly from the company or get 'em on Amazon. Prices are about the same, but I dunno, maybe you have some credit or something.

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