Sunday, 31 August 2014

RPG a Day, Day 31: The final chapter

So today's post is about my favourite RPG, but naturally I'm going to talk about my favourite games in general, not just one.


You can find Stars Without Number and its various supplements here. I have not really looked at Sine Nomine's fantasy stuff much, but I find it hard to believe it isn't equally great.

Here is the online version of the Ralios game writeups I liked so much. If you played in "Once Upon a Time in Kerofinela," you may find the tone familiar; it was a big influence.

My most recent big UA campaign was "Rose Crescent," which I ran in 2006. I wrote it up -- much of it anyway -- on my old livejournal; you can see the posts here. I don't have the notes for my previous two campaigns, "The King Leopold Society" and "Unknown Ellroy."

Beyond the Supernatural is goofy fun, and has some cool art. The supplement, Boxed Nightmares, came with a little newspaper, which was pretty cool.

I do like the props in CoC, like these ones from Propnomicon:

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  1. When you say "it is pretty good", you sound as English as I've ever heard you.