Tuesday 9 December 2014

Also, how could I forget!

I also got the chance to talk to some cool people with cool products at the con, but then forgot to mention them in my last post.

This is a game called Tripods! from Oakbound Games.

Oakbound also make these awesome swamp monsters.
They have some clear Dark Crystal inspiration, as well as maybe
resembling certain one-eyed now-rare Warhammer monsters. 

I would have got the one with the skull head for D&D/Strange Aeons, but
my painting score is in a perilous state so I'm now buying minis right now.
Maybe next year. 
It was nice to meet a fellow Lead Adventure poster in person!

The UKRP Design Collective also had a stall with lots of cool games. Possibly the coolest to me was this storygame based on the siege of Montsegur: 

 Even as I move away from story games, it is nice to see people doing thematically-interesting things with them and making them look nice; they have a tendency just to be little pamphlets (although I quite like that as well, I guess? But the physical copy of Sagas of the Icelanders is damn pretty).

Lastly, this guy wasn't selling something, just having a shitload of fun with his Lego *-World Indiana Jones game.

It's still being setup; you can see the figures waiting offstage in the upper part of the photo. 


  1. It says Tripods, but it actually appears to be based on The War of the Worlds (as, I suppose, was The Tripods to some extent.)

    1. Aren't the Martian war machines also called Tripods?

      Also, I may ask your opinion on this Maelstrom and how it relates to the old one -- I never really played the original.

  2. I think the skull headed Oakbound Miniature is their take on a Kelpie.