Tuesday 7 August 2018

Monster Man Contest II: Winners!

The second Monster Man contest called on listeners to create monsters based on neural-network-generated names. You can see all the entries here. The votes are in -- I've received votes by email, on G+, and here on the blog, and it was tight, but we have winners!

Tied for second place: 

The Owlborn by Luke Slater!

A fairy-tale horror monster with some classic weaknesses and a cult of brainwashed woodland folk surrounding it.

The Unicorn, Black Willow by Daniel Lofton!

A fun environmental and aesthetic twist on a classic D&D / fairy-tale monster.

And finally, our grand prize winner:

The Wendless Wolls by James Baillie!

A second win for the winner of the first contest! The Wendless Wolls combine a fun background, an adorable image, and an unusual twist relative to other humanoid tribes.

I'm going to be on holiday throughout the end of August, so those prize packs should be heading out in September. I'll be in touch to get addresses and so on. Congratulations to our winners and thank you very much to everyone who entered, voted, or supported the contest. A very special thanks to our sponsors: the Hyqueous Vaults, Spes Magna Games, and Diplomatist Books!