Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Frugal gaming: columns!

Stopped for lunch on the way home and popped into a local charity shop only to find two of these:

8 columns for £4 isn't bad -- it'd be £10 at retail. So I snapped them up and brought them home. They're pretty nice, although they have a hole in the top (for the dowel) that I'm gonna need to fill or cover. Still, between Frostgrave and D&D I represent a lot of ruined temples and great pillared halls, so I'm very pleased with these. Check 'em out:

In the arena of Emperor Pan Augustus, hapless human gladiators fight to the death!

They are a bit stark white at the moment, so I might give them a thin sepia wash and an off-white drybrush just to bring out the texture a bit more and bring them into line with the rest of my ruined classical terrain.


  1. Nice find. Are you going to ruin one or two of them or leave them all intact?

    1. I don't know! They're plaster, so they should break cleanly, but eight is good number to have.