Monday 3 October 2016

Movie Monday: The Dwarvenaut (2016)

I know that Movie Monday is more typically a feature of my other blog, but we've actually got a gaming-relevant film this week! The Dwarvenaut is a documentary about D&D enthusiast and Dwarven Forge proprietor Stefan Pokorny.

And it's ... it's charming. I found it hard to watch, because I'm not good at vicarious embarrassment, but Pokorny's enthusiasm and fuck-it-let's-do-it attitude are infectious (and a valuable reminder to me that being embarrassed on behalf of people who are passionately doing a thing they love and are good at is a useless emotion). If you know a lot about D&D, you're not going to learn anything from this; it's more for people who are loosely familiar with the game or who maybe played once a while ago.

It's fun to see the backstage stuff at Dwarven Forge, and it's fun to learn about Pokorny's history. You come away with a pretty positive view of him and his enterprise; I'm never going to buy Dwarven Forge dungeon stuff, because that is not how my budget works, but I'm glad he's out there making it, having fun and not going out of business.

Anyway, if you want to spend an hour and a half looking at the weird factors that drive someone else's creativity and cheering along with a dude who cold wears a wizard hat and does not give a shit, you could do a lot worse than giving this a spin. It's on UK Netflix at the moment.

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