Tuesday 13 December 2016

Age of Sigmar challenge: not going so great

So my challenge with Tim of The Responsible One's Wargaming Blog came something of a cropper in November. In short ... I basically didn't paint anything and am now a month behind. I still have to finish five Chaos Knights, and now to that I have to add ten Marauders and a Chaos Lord on a demonic steed. I may have to try to finish by the end of January rather than December to take full advantage of the school holiday (work has been nuts).

However, I have not been completely idle. I have done the following things:

Acquired this box of Frostgrave barbarians with which to make the remaining Marauders (combined with all the miscellaneous sprues you see next to them)!

Painted most of this prototype Chaos knight to test the paint scheme!

It's not much, but it's more than nothing. 

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