Tuesday 10 November 2015

Frugal gaming find: lots of cheap scenery!

I think this may be my best stuff:cost ratio yet -- well, other than free stuff, of course! I went to a jumble sale on Saturday with my wife, who pointed out a big bag of little card building parts for 50p. It turned out to be one of these -- or more accurately two of them in a single bag.

There are also Hogwarts and spaceships versions, which I did not get. Interested in that spaceship one, though, and the Hogwarts one might well be compatible:

Mine was pretty battered, but I spent a cheerful hour or two putting together all the little bits in various combinations. I think they go rather well with 28mm figures -- better, in fact, than with the classic-toy-soldier scale figure that comes with it.

Here's what I made:

Some of the largest pieces, like this one, are made of separate components
that I can pull apart and stick together in different combinations. 
I'm gonna use these to build the weird scenario-specific terrain pieces in Frostgrave, like the huge tower. 
The way they hold together doesn't make a huge amount of sense, but whatever. 

So how much terrain did I get for my 50p?

Awwwwwww yeah. I think that might be a frugal-gaming first. OK, it's not as nice as handmade or specialist stuff, but Frostgrave plays best with a load of terrain and also did I mention 50p?

But wait, there's more, because what is frugal gaming about if not value? While browsing in Hobbycraft I saw this bad boy:

It's pretty tall, but I think it might have Malifaux applications?

Lastly, if you've read all this way, I should point out that the latest issue of The Undercroft is out, containing a monster article for Lamentations of the Flame Princess by yours truly. If you like LotFP in particular or weird-horror OSR gaming in general, why not check it out?

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