Friday 6 November 2015

Some games actually getting played.

So I played some Frostgrave at long last with pal and every-other-weekly gaming companion Buzz. I think it went well; we were definitely going faster at the end than at the beginning. I can still see that I have a lot to learn, but I think I was already starting to get the hang of it. 

Table setup. It is a bit mismatched at the moment and not at all snowy, but as I develop
more actually Frostgrave-y terrain, the other stuff will fade out. The base is a set of
Wilkinson's vinyl floor tiles I got at a car boot sale for like £3. 

Two archers, an infantryman and the Necromancer prepare to cross the frozen river on the left flank. 

Meanwhile, the apprentice, accompanied by a brave man-at-arms, a hapless thug
and a trusty giant centipede (warhound), makes his way across on the right flank. 

There be traysure in them thar ruins!

Why do these strange lights burn atop this ceremonial dais?
I'm gonna repaint the green bits in a more Frostgrave-appropriate colour. 

Contact with the enemy, in the traditional form of a brutal slugfest.
I was pleased by the game, even though I didn't have time to prepare as much as I would have liked. I will cut out and sleeve the spell cards I printed for next time; that'll help.

This charming but gigantic Reaper Bones bugbear is going to be a Snow Troll. 


  1. Would you recommend it, I'm wondering about getting a copy.

    1. I have found it good so far, but of course I've only played one game. Conceptually, I certainly like it, but I think the heart of it is probably the campaign system and I haven't got very deep into that at all.

  2. Now I want to paint my Bones bugbears white and blue.