Sunday, 28 February 2016

Some Frostgrave cultists

So this guy is currently leading my Frostgrave warband:

The guy on the right, that is, not the guy on the left. But until now I have not done any cultists for him. Finally, I have done two, using my traditional prime-up/drybrush/tint speed-painting method and applying a layer of colour every time I finished a section of writing or editing.

This oaf is my Infantryman; because he's better than a normal Thug, he's been given a yellow sash and kerchief to mark him as special. At some point he'll get some snow on his base.

(I have since touched up the belt, which has some missing colour.) This guy has a painted shield expressing his devotion to the mysterious yellow-robed figure, which I think looks pretty good considering that my freehand skills are ... not. I like the dynamic pose, even if it is unrealistic.


  1. Kool. Me like.

    (I know I sound like a four year old, but it's the company I keep....)

    1. I'm glad you like them -- more coming soon, hopefully!